About MPCS

6000 Radecke Avenue   Baltimore, Maryland 21206

MPCS is a K3 through 5 private school sponsored by the Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries. Its mission is to “train children up in the way that they should go,” to prepare well-educated, well spoken, and well developed students of “good report.”

A Beka Book, the core curriculum, emphasizes a relevant and Biblical worldview in all content areas. Core subjects include bible, reading, language, spelling, poetry, literature, history, geography, science, and arithmetic. Complementary learning opportunities include technology, music, art, physical education, and library. Band and private instrumental lessons are also available through a private company. Chapel service occurs weekly – students, faculty, and staff worship as a learning community.

At the upper elementary and middle school levels, pre-adolescents are trained to honor themselves and the Word of God and to question their own worldview and their personal faith in Jesus Christ. To deepen and broaden their perspectives, students are required to participate in an independent community service assignment, as well as an overnight middle school retreat.
Assessment of Student Learning

Grading Scale: Grades K3 – K5
1 = Exceeds Expectations 2 = Meets Expectations 3 = Below Expectations
Grading Scale: Grades 1 – 5
A (93 – 100) = Outstanding Achievement
B (85 – 92) = Above Average Achievement
C (75 – 84) = Average Achievement
D (65 – 74) = Below Average Achievement
U (64 and Below) = Unsatisfactory Achievement

Grading Scale: Special Subjects (Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology)
O = Outstanding Achievement and Behavior
S = Satisfactory Achievement and Behavior
U = Unsatisfactory Achievement and Behavior

Report Cards

Report cards are distributed quarterly. At the end of the first, second, and third marking periods, individual parent conferences are conducted and report cards are distributed during the conference. The final report card is distributed on the last day of school. Promotion and end –of-the year awards are based upon the year’s average.