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Admissions Process
Step One: Submit completed Application for Admission with the non-refundable $100
application fee, cash or money order, and the child’s birth certificate,
immunization record, and current physical health report. Applications for
elementary students (grades 1 – 5) should also include the academic record and
report cards, where appropriate. Please note that submission of the
Application for Admission and Application Fee do not guarantee admission
to the Mount Pleasant Christian School (MPCS).

Step Two: Schedule an appointment for the parental interview and the applicant’s

admissions testing.

Step Three: Arrive for parental interview and admissions testing on scheduled date. If an
emergency arises that necessitates rescheduling, call the Office (410-325- 4827)
to reschedule.

Step Four: Receive Letter of Decision within 5 business days from test date.
Step Five: Submit the Enrollment Fee (first tuition payment) and the full Book/Materials Fee.
MPCS accepts payments in the forms of cash, certified check, or money
order. Once Enrollment and Book Fees have been received, the applicant’s
admission is confirmed and the seat is guaranteed for ensuing school year.


Admissions Requirements
A. Kindergarten 3(K3) applicants should reach the age of three years by September 1 of the
current calendar year. Likewise, Kindergarten 4(K4) applicants should reach the age of four
years by September 1 of the current calendar year, and likewise, Kindergarten 5(K5)
applicants should reach the age of 5 by September 1 of the current school year.
B. Kindergarten 3(K3) applicants must demonstrate independent feeding, gross motor, and
toileting skills. Kindergarten 4 (K4) and Kindergarten 5 (K5) applicants must also
demonstrate developmentally appropriate numeracy, literacy, and language skills.
C. Elementary applicants should evidence average or above academic and behavioral
achievement. Standardized test scores should fall within or above the average range in the
areas of reading, math, and language.
D. Applicants should comprehend that parents have delegated authority to the MPCS School
during school hours. Therefore, applicants are subject to the instructional and behavioral
standards of the Mount Pleasant Christian School.
E. Mount Pleasant Christian School may withdraw admission eligibility at any step during the
process when it becomes apparent that the Mount Pleasant Christian School is not a
compatible academic, intellectual, and/or spiritual school environment for the applicant and/or
his/her family.

Policy Reminders…The Mount Pleasant Christian School does not offer refunds. All fees are non-refundable.

Cash, money order, or certified bank check are acceptable forms of payment.