We envision the Mount Pleasant Christian School as a vibrant, cohesive learning community that fulfills its mission and purpose to develop spiritually-minded students who will influence those around them for the Lord Jesus Christ for a lifetime. We envision a school characterized by visionary planning, financial stability, exemplary leadership, supportive parents, and a compassionate, competent faculty and staff. Our vision is a school that has an impeccable public image and a Godly influence upon parents, families, and all others who may come in contact with the school.

Our Mission
The unalterable mission of the Mount Pleasant Christian School is to educate children in truth and righteousness and, in doing so, to support the Christian family and the local Bible-believing church.

Our Commitment to Excellence

A commitment to excellence glorifies God and our Lord Jesus Christ. We glorify them both by faithfully pursuing excellence in all we do. For this reason, the Mount Pleasant Christian School is committed to excellence in all things, at all times, both individually and collectively, personally and professionally.