Lynnea D. McCray

Lynnea D. McCray  June 13th 2014


Attending Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc. has been a blessing for both me and my mother. I was in public school before I came to Mount Pleasant. My mother enrolled me in third grade and it was totally different from my previous school. I was used to all play and no work so it was a bit of an adjustment. On my first day I was nervous, but I felt comfortable and safe and I liked that feeling. Sister Lofton was my teacher and I had a wonderful time in her class. She was fun, encouraging, and she put the “Fantastic” in Fantastic Friday. One thing I do remember about third grade was complaining about all the homework we had. We had homework every night in just about every subject. Sometimes I would try and get over on my mother by saying things like, “Homework is so much easier when you do it. Why don’t you just finish it for me?” Of course my mother was a force to be reckoned with, so much to my dismay I always wound up doing my homework myself. As I began to get used to the school’s challenging curriculum things did get easier. Sister Wark was our fourth grade teacher. Although I don’t remember much of fourth grade I do remember that Sis. Wark was a very nice woman. Fifth grade was a very important year for me. Sister Johnson did not play and she made sure she got that message through. Sister Johnson was very concerned and I knew she cared because if she didn’t she wouldn’t have talked to us the way she did. Sis Johnson had a talk with us on a regular basis. Her talks influenced me to become a better person spiritually and academically. Everything I had learned in fifth helped me improve in sixth grade. Sixth grade was awesome. My grades began to improve and had a more positive outlook on school. Brother Johnson was my teacher and he made learning fun. I especially liked his class because he stressed the importance of physical hygiene and it always smelled good in his classroom. Seventh grade was a good year. Brother Strickland was my homeroom teacher. His class was fun because he told us cool stories and he made history and English exciting. Seventh grade seemed to fly by and eighth grade came. Thinking about eighth grade was kind of bittersweet. I was looking forward to graduation and going to high school but the thought of leaving made me nervous. Eighth grade has been a challenging year with all those high school applications, shadow days, and placement tests, but with the help of my excellent teachers I made it through. Sister Reid was my homeroom teacher and I loved her way of teaching. She was so organized with everything and she took math and science seriously. She made sure we were going to finish that math book no matter what. If she could have she probably would have given us math lessons over the phone on snow days. I am really going to miss her. She is very passionate about teaching and she is dedicated to her job.

I am going to miss a lot of things about this school. I am going to miss the teachers, the staff, the students, my friends, and especially Dr. Haynes. She is a kind and loving spirit and she cares about everyone in this learning community. I will also miss Sister Jennings. She is very nice and she was always sitting in the office with a smile on her face ready to help no matter what the problem was. One thing I am going to miss is the Christian environment. I like being able to talk and learn about God without being concerned about political correctness. As I said in the beginning of this essay, attending Mount Pleasant has been a blessing. Mount Pleasant gave me the best teacher anyone could ever have and His name is Jesus and through him I came to know His Father, God. This school has prepared me for the world spiritually and academically. I know that I cannot fail at anything with Jesus on my side and I am not afraid of anything that may come my way as I transition to the next level of my education.