Malik Jackson

Malik Jackson, June 2010
“Reflections”Praise the Lord Saints, Praise the Lord Saints, and Praise the Lord Saints!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I am honored to stand before you tonight giving thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ which also dwells within me. As far back as I can remember, I have been taught of the goodness and mercy of the gracious Jehovah God. Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc. has played a vital role in my relationship with Him. My father, Clearance Jackson has also been a key figure in my understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in my life from day to day.

Tonight, I stand before you as royalty because I am a child of the King.  Through my years here, I have learned that through every action I make, there is an equal consequence whether it is good or bad. I also learned that although we are free to make our own choices, all of our accomplishments are only possible through the splendid Father. Because our minds are constantly deceived by Satan, discipline is also necessary in the foundation of a child who hopes to become one of the best and the brightest. Proverbs 13:24 states “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.” This school’s gifted teachers, under leadership of Dr. Brenda P. Haynes have dedicated their lives and time to teach us, so that we might in this world but not of the world.

As I excelled through these past years, I was faced with new challenges and expectations. Applying myself, I became prepared for each challenge that stood in my path. Each new school year, I met interesting and outstanding teachers who gave me more responsibilities than the previous ones. Although I cannot choose a favorite teacher, I can say that all of them have been influential in my success thus far. My earthly father has also helped me to fully understand and value my opportunity of education in subjects such as math and science.  One lesson I have learned from my middle and elementary school years is that the time you put into studying reflects in your grades.

I, Malik Jackson, stand before you, under God, as an honored graduate of Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc.. After learning in the educational system of this institution, I feel that I am prepared for higher learning. As I leave this school, I thank the Lord for the vision of Bishop Johnson for this church and school that I was lucky enough, excuse me, blessed enough to attend and spend my childhood.  I thank give thanks for the friends I have made who have supported me, the parents who I have come to respect me as I respect them and my own parents who have shown me love and compassion.

As, I close out, I, Malik Jackson ,soon to be alumni Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc.,  give you my solemn word that I will be available to come back to support my school for any of its events. Thank You for your time and May God bless you all. Godspeed.