Nadia-Rose Stallings

Nadia-Rose Stallings June 2022
My Mt. Pleasant Experience
By Nadia-Rose Stallings

I remember the first day of school in 1st grade. It was the best. We needed to see what kind of pictures of animals were in the classroom. Our teacher would reward us with treats. At the awards ceremony even though a teacher could only pick one student with the Fruit of the Spirit Award, Sister Stevenson chose one kid but she gave other kids who also deserved the award medals to make them feel like they had been given the award too.

In second grade I don’t really remember much about it, but I do know that Sister Boyd likes Famous Amos cookies and did not play around. While you didn’t want to be on her bad side, I know she cared and wanted what was best for the whole class.

Third grade was my favorite grade not only because my teacher, Sister Saavedra, is my Aunt, but she was full of excitement and always taught us in a fun way. Plus, she came up with songs to help us remember our stuff. Third grade was the grade when I met a lot of new people and that is when COVID19 hit too. After COVID19 came, things were really different and I couldn’t wait for the school year to end. Yet, I am grateful we made it through and are still pushing forward .

I remember on the 1st day of fourth grade, more than half of the class was virtual. There were only two girls in person and one of them was me, but a month later most of the class was in person and there were only two people in virtual. Minister Baker motivated us to do homework by giving the kids that did all of their homework a homework champ medal and we would get a prize and get in the front of the line. Overall, 4th grade was challenging but good.

Let me tell you, fifth grade was tough. I mean really tough. We had to memorize a lot of things and learn a lot of math formulas. I like that Sister Johnson had rules in the class that encouraged everyone to feel loved and respected. She really understood me and I’m glad that Sister Johnson was stern and fun at the same time.

Dr. Haynes is the best principal in the world. I remember in the morning Dr. Haynes would greet me by saying my name in a singing tone. Last year when my brothers and I were one of the last people to get picked up she would give us a snack.

Dr. Plunkett is the best; he is also known as the “mint man’’, because he always had mints with him. Everybody loved it when he came into our classroom. Sometimes he made an announcement and sometimes he would just tell a story.

Overall teachers, staff, and helpers have made my experience a great one. I have also made some wonderful friends over the years and look forward to keeping in touch with them. I am happy that Bishop Johnson had the vision to start the Mt. Pleasant Christian School. Ever since I came here I decided there is no school like the Mt. Pleasant Christian School.