Our History

In the beginning…
God gave His Angel, Clifford M. Johnson, Jr., a vision for Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries, then housed at 1801 E. Preston Street. This God-given vision included the plans for an affordable, yet exemplary, private elementary school for Mount Pleasant and her communities. For this cause, Pastor Johnson summoned a cadre of teachers and school administrators from within the congregation. At a preliminary meeting, Pastor Johnson shared the vision and a committee was formed. Roger L. Plunkett was appointed as its leader. With diligence and determination, the committee met regularly for the next 4 years to develop plans for the Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc.. Several subcommittees were also formed to carry out critical tasks pertaining to marketing and finance, curriculum development, and state standards and credentialing.

In 1997, Pastor Johnson informed the committee that it was time to implement the plans and actualize the vision. Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc. should become a reality in the fall of 1998. Bro. Plunkett and his committee escalated the pace and volume of their work. Brenda P. Haynes, who was already collaborating with Mount Pleasant in a precollegiate venture known as Project PRIME, was invited to join the committee. Over the next nine months, the school theme was established and the scriptural mantra was identified (Proverbs 22:6). Pensacola Christian College’s A Beka Book was named as the core curriculum.

Subsequently, the school uniform was selected; green and yellow were selected as the official school colors. An Extended Day program that included before and after school child care services was crafted. The budget was developed; tuition and fees were set. The school infrastructure was prayerfully conceptualized. Teacher and staff interviews were conducted, the faculty and staff was hired. Finally, a temporary school site was erected, situated adjacent to the then newly completed sanctuary at 6000 Radecke Avenue.

On August 31, 1998, 65 beautiful, wide-eyed children, grades kindergarten through five, arrived for spiritual and intellectual instruction. The teachers who met them were Elsie M. Faconer (kindergarten), Brenda Stevenson (first grade); Angela C. Neff (second grade); Angela Parker (third grade); and Eileen T. Kamel (fourth-fifth grade). Embracing teachers and students were Pastor Clifford M. Johnson, Jr., chief executive officer, Roger L. Plunkett, director, Brenda P. Haynes, advisor; Yolanda Tillett, finance officer;

Pauline Saunders, Extended Day coordinator; and Monique Cox, full-time administrative secretary. In the following year, Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc. moved into its current state-of-the art complex, added a sixth grade class and boosted its enrollment to 110 students. In fall 2000, God gave the increase of a very special group of 4 year olds, the pre-kindergarten class. In fall 2003, the second MPCS director and advisor were appointed, Brenda P. Haynes and Roger L. Plunkett, respectively.