Sean Barney

Sean Barney, Jr.

I started at the Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc. in the sixth grade. Before, I was in Golden Ring Middle School which was not the best learning community. When I first walked through the Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc. doors, I was greeted by Dr. Haynes, bursting with energy and an everlasting smile. She then took me on a tour around the school and introduced me to all of the teachers and staff. As I observed the students in their uniforms, I realized that Mount Pleasant was different than what I was used to. After my tour, my father told me that I was going to attend the Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc. the next day. My heart stopped and my jaw dropped.

My first day was so exciting to my mom. She went to get her camera to take a picture of me in that green blazer, dark blue slacks, white oxford shirt,  tie and dress shoes. Then it was off to school. When I walked into the sixth grade classroom I met Brother Johnson and my new classmates, Zion, Arielle, Avery, and Joquam. Everyone was just a close bunch of children and you could tell that they have been around each other for a while. It was kind of ok being able to fit in. That year was the hardest. Trying to get acclimated to the curriculum and to keep up with the pace of everything was not an easy task. I also got a closer perception on Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ. But by him, I was able to get this far.

Seventh grade year came; I got a new teacher – well teachers. Sister Jones-Fosu and Sister Reid.  Sister Jones-Fosu was such a loving homeroom teacher and that made it fun to come to school. She was always about getting work done first then play later. Sister Reid was a new addition to the Mount Pleasant roster and was always a kind, talkative, and animated teacher. Sister Reid always went out her way to help her students and loved talking about math. Seventh grade was the best year because I wasn’t a new face anymore. I understood everything, I had fun in my learning community, and I got closer to God and wasn’t afraid to admit that I love God and he is my savior.

Eighth grade year was the most memorable.  It was the last year of my middle school career and I had to make the best of every minute I had here. My teachers for this year were Sister Reid as my homeroom and Brother Strickland as our history/English teacher. Brother Strickland was a pretty laid back guy and was a good guy to have a laughable conversation with. This year we welcomed Deshaun and Ishmael, two passionate basketball players who would do anything for a high grade, and kind of stayed to themselves most of the time.

My time at Mount Pleasant has been the best years of my life. I can say every day I was here I smiled, and laughed. I appreciate everything that my parents have done for me. I appreciate everything I have, everything I learned, everyone in my life, and everything I have gained here. There are many people in this world that want the type of education I got at the Mount Pleasant Christian school. For that I am thankful with everything in me. I am going to miss everything about this school. I’m going to miss my classmates, the seventh, sixth, and everyone else here at this school. And I’m going to miss Dr. Haynes’s wonderful smile, Sister Reid’s  and Brother Strickland’s concerned nature, Sister Jennings’ positive words, Sister Tate’s daily complements to help me feel good about myself, and everyone else here.

I would like to say thanks to my Parents, Dr. Haynes, Brother Strickland, Brother Johnson, Brother Thompson, Brother Livers, Sister Reid, Sister Jennings, Sister Tate, and last but not least God.

As I said before, by Him I was able to get this far. And now it’s time to get even farther.

Sean Barney, Jr.