Uniform & Grooming


Mt. Pleasant Christian School, Inc. (MPCS) students are expected to appear neat, clean, properly attired, and well-spoken, at all times. The MPCS official uniform vendor is Dennis Uniform.  Hence, all uniform elements MUST be purchased from Dennis Uniform. Accessories such as the belt, shoes, tights, and socks may be purchased from outside vendors. 

The MPCS uniform vendor is: Dennis Uniform, 1110C North Rolling Road Plaza, Catonsville, MD, 21228, (410) 869-4682; (800) 854-6951; www.dennisuniform.com. The MPCS school code is BT00MP.  Online ordering is available.

Required Uniform Elements for K3

Dark Green Jersey Polo Dress with School Logo
White or dark green crew or knee high socks or tights
Black & White Saddle Shoes (shoes only, please

Dark Green Short or Long Sleeve Jersey Polo with School Logo
Navy Pull-On Pants
Black Oxford Shoes with brown/black knee high or ankle socks

Required Uniform Elements for K4 – 5

Dennis Jumper & white Peter Pan blouse with logo

Tie Crossover/Pearl Snap

White or dark green crew or knee high socks or tights
Black & White Saddle Shoes (shoes only, please)

Dennis white shirt with logo (short or long sleeved)

Dennis dark green pants
TA Stripe Tie
Black or brown belt
Black or Brown Oxford Shoes with matching soles.
Brown/black knee high or ankle socks

Physical Education Uniform for All Grades

Dennis Uniform green sweatpants/shorts with logo
Dennis Uniform yellow gold tee-shirts with logo
Dennis Uniform green pullover sweatshirt with logo (Optional)

Sweatpants must be loose fitting.
Shorts must be mid-thigh or knee-length.
Indoor athletic shoes with on-marking soles.

*** Friday is physical education day. Students should come to school dressed in the physical education uniform.

Grooming Standards, Accessories, and Hygiene

Students must have natural hair color and styles. Extreme haircuts, styles, and colors are immodest and unacceptable. Boys should maintain a modest short hairstyle. Dreads, twists, braids, razor designs, high top fades, Mohawk, and locks are unacceptable school styles.

Girls’ hair should be neat and modest, free of excessive beads, synthetic additions, color, dreads, twists, braids, or headbands.

Accessories such as jewelry must be minimal. Girls’ jewelry is limited to small stud earrings and a single-strand bracelet or bangle. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings and visible piercings.

Neither girls nor boys may wear body piercings, rings, tattoos, ostentatious jewelry, or fingernail polish. Modesty is our standard. Watches should be plain face timepieces, not made in the image of worldly, monstrous, or demonic characters.

Optional Spring/Summer Uniform

Warm Weather Option for K4 – 5TH Girls (L): Yellow short sleeve polo with school logo, Belair Plaid Double Tab Pleated Skort, green, white, or navy socks, and black and white saddle shoes.

Warm Weather Option for K4 – 5TH Grade Boys (R): Yellow short sleeve polo with school logo, navy Irvington Flat Front Walk Short with navy or black socks and black oxford shoes.

Warm weather uniform elements must not be mixed with standard uniform elements.
Warm Weather Optional Uniform: Dates
August 29, 2022 – October 7, 2022
April 11, 2023 – June 16, 2023